Have you ever felt so amused?

What made you to be?

Rewind it, have a smile & do share your own fine moments with me in the comments section!

How come she/he knows it? I’m not even aware that he/she really knows about it! How u guys felt in these moments? “Some kind of Excitement” isn’t it?

I had one, recently!

I spent my Diwali in relative home. After all the fun, we decided to play “Raja Rani game”. My brother had made the chits & we all sat down to start the play.

My brother passed on the notebook to my cousin sister for writing down the points. She instead gave it to me saying ” she will write it fast so let her do that”.

I was wondering, how come she knows that? Since we never studied/stayed together and nothing has happened to make her know about it. I just felt amused & had some kind of excitement too!

How nice it is? When people surprises you with these little lovely things! Awesome right?

Little tiny things gives you a great happiness!

Relish it 😄


Google Adwords Certification

Hey everyone,

Hope you’ll doing good!

Digital marketing is a trend, No doubt in it.

This blog is for those who,

-> have no idea about what they wanna do & where to start their career.

-> who really wanna work in digital marketing but not aware of how to work towards it. ” I was like that” even still.

-> if you’re into sales/BDE with no interest & no other option you have than Marketing.

Hope this one might be useful for you guys! I believe!

You’ll would have heard about google adword certification! NO problem, if you not aware.

It is a common thought that if we wanna get into some field, certification is needed. We cannot blame anyone as it is kind of a license. Not every company has time to test your talent and what you really are? And what you’re good at?

Some people will learn by their own and other people will enroll in courses related to their field.

Simply reading will not work! Unless & until you do it yourself!

If you’re looking for digital marketing field & not interested in spending money in certification,

You can do an internship in any digital marketing agency. (if your not thinking about financial aspect as you cannot expect stipend from every company).

If you’re not getting an internship or if you’re looking only a job. Go for ” Google adword certification” which is absolutely free of cost & also will be useful for your job hunt. You have to pass 2 exams out of 6 with 80% minimum to be certified and valid for one year.

Please find the info below,

“Academy for Ads”


Copy & paste

💡 Create an account

💡 Start reading

💡 Give an exam

💡 Get certifed

Content plays a major role in digital marketing. And many companies expect you to initiate!

So, start writing! Get experienced with a blog!

If you’re a college student, well & good. Initiate Now!

If you’re a working person, It’s never too late. Initiate Now!

Good luck 👍

Never stop doing!

She knows,

She knows, when she feels her ♥ beat for the first time ☺ Like @ New Born.

She knows, when she smiles listening to your name.

She knows, when she feels close/connected when she hears somebody talking about you.

She knows, when she feels your absence.

She knows, when her 👀 searches for you.

She knows, when she wants to be around you forever.

She knows, when she needs your attention.

She knows, when she is stuck while you walk-in.

She knows, when she’s not able to speak even a single word in front of you.

She Knows, when she don’t realize that she is actually looking into your eyes.

She knows, when she blushes.

She knows, when she feels to see you all the day.

She knows, when she starts loving the silence between.

She knows, when she feels that you’re the one!

That, She is so into you!
– She know it & mean it…..

Oh companies!

I recently attended 2 interviews. One @ Nungabakkam for Digital marketing & another one @ Anna Nagar for Sales/Marketing.

In my first interview, yeah as usual it was a face to face. Once the discussion got over the person who interviewed me told since you don’t have an experience in digital marketing I’m giving you a task.

You can take your time to finish & send it through an 📧. As she told the same day in the evening, I got an Email from the HR.

I took one day time to research about it and drafted the answer, Based upon the information I got.

In my second interview, it wasn’t as usual instead I had an aptitude test. It had questions like Logical, quans, comprehension, recent updates of companies, sales/marketing, Digital marketing (in words).

Actually I really liked both the interviews! It challenged me in Technical aspect!

I always hated the boring interview process which involved chumma “face to face” & usual aptitude test.

Please have an interview which challenges the candidate ( it is absolutely fine even if we are not doing well) & please don’t say you don’t have an experience at the same time we don’t have time to teach you.

Oh companies! Could you please redefine your interview process?????


A New start of my life……

I’m really not that fond of Running.

Actually I never ran in my entire life, I think so. Ha Ha Ha 😁

I always wanted to do something apart from my career #No Exact Reason# and started thinking what should I do? What should I do? Unfortunately, nothing came in my mind.

Once I was going through the pictures posted by runners on Facebook, I got a feeling like “I want to try it out”.

I had no idea about marathon before and I was like Let’s go & participate. If I like and could able to run, will continue else……..

Last December, I registered in #chennai 🏃 Runners# community & got to know about their nearby chapter “Ambattur Arimass”.

That time, I just joined their whatsapp group but didn’t join them in running.

I first registered for a running event organized by “Moggapair Fitness Circle” one of the chapters of Chennai runners. But couldn’t participate since I didn’t wake up. Yeah felt bad! Obviously.

My 1st running event

Feb 1st week 2018

Cool Runners Half Marathon-10k

YMCA, Nandanam-5.30

The day before, I had to go there to get my BIB. So I decided to take my bike as I have had no idea about the routes and was new to driving. And it made me easy to reach the place on race day!

What to say,

I enjoyed dancing in Zumba session esp to “Kala chashma”.

I enjoyed the route YMCA Nandanam-> Gandhi mandabam-> Inside Anna University-> YMCA Nandanam.

I did run/walk and finished my 10k in 1hr:22min without any training.

I enjoyed the breakfast.

I loved the medal.

Totally a different experience. Waking up at 3.50am / bike drive that too early morning / Running 10km.

Not much thought, only wanted to run! After that.

And I really loved waking up early at 5.30am-> driving to TV park, Ambattur -> going for a run & stretches/cone workouts/Hill repeats with my team. I made sure that I run 3 days a week.

I continued running without much training because felt so hard waking up early after sometime though I loved it the most! No proper warm up / cool down stretches. I just ran ran ran….

One fine day I started showing interest for Barefoot Running. I tried too & felt so comfortable. Because I could able to run continuously without stopping. Then I ran barefoot for 2 events and one long run with my team.

My personal best: 1hr 1min 18sec at CRR@ORR event. #barefoot#

And into few months of my running I had craziness for 21km. So I tried running 21km (not event) after that & finished in 2hr:55min.

A Nice Experience actually!

My next event was “Dream Runners Half Marathon ” as usual barefoot! A week before the event I had little pain near ankle but ignored.

Race day! DRHM 2018 -10km

The most happening event in Chennai.

Ran 5km in 30min after that started getting pain near my lower ankle & couldn’t run/walk but somehow I reached the venue.

The worst part was I missed the route after 5km so I could able to complete only 8.1km and said “NO for the Medal” too. Came home totally upset as I was looked for it longtime.

And I was advised not to run for few months by ortho/3 days by physio.

My physio suggested me with the shoes ->Asics ->Nike ->Adidas->Reebok

But I was impatient to listen to it as I had events coming up too in a couple of weeks! Meanwhile, got my Asics shoe which costed 9500 rupees after 20%.

After 2 weeks I felt somewhat okay and geared up for my next event PINKATHON-10km. Unfortunately I couldn’t able to participate because my mobile fell down while driving & couldn’t find the venue. I missed participating in other events too the same month. Felt very bad & also got a weird reason like “NO NET PACK”.

Then I realized I should do proper warm up/cool down & strengthing for my stamina/speed/Endurance.

After a month rest, I stopped registering for events & focused on my practice runs and I’m doing it.

I have enrolled myself for cross fit training too which I really like esp: Abs workout!

Exercise actually an efficient Stress Buster!

I’m really excited for #SPCM2019 to be held on Jan 6th 2019. Gonna run my first 21km as an event! Yeah I’m focusing on my practice not that great but somewhat as I got a problem with my mindset/ waking up early.

Hope it will change one day & can have my entire focus!

I run not because I love running.

I run because I like the environment & like the concept of Long Run.

I run because I don’t want give up on.

It is the one which made me to shift from 950Rs to 9500Rs shoe na????????? 😄 Actually a big deal!

Engaging in a physical activity could be any actually gives a great pleasure!

It frees my mind…….. I love it

Went back only 2 get Irresponsible answers

I just purchased petrol from one of the “Indian oil’s” bunk in avadi for Rs.200 (i.e. 2.32 litres).

I didn’t check with it then but in the middle way driving home it just showed only 1 litre. And till date there’s been no fault with the display too.

So I went back and questioned them only to get irresponsible answers. They were blabbering something like “Petrol prices r high” & asked one of his colleague to take out the petrol from my bike to check!

His colleague came and asked me about the problem. I said the same.

After that they both shooted questions like ” how you are saying it shows only 1litre, 2litre? ” & you saying there is no petrol in your bike? I clearly explained them again.

The person who filled my petrol tank kept saying the same thing again & again that ” In front of you only I changed the display to zero and stopped when it showed Rs.200″. I said yes and I’m not saying that I didn’t c d display & my question is how it can show just 1 litre?.

His senior came (who has gone out for some work) and these two people asked me to check with him & left. I felt helpless & my conversation with them was useless.

So I told him I got to know well that I should never ever come to your pump again and started from the place.

#looting #cheated #IndianOil #Avadi