10rs lunch 😯 – The Idea behind

Hallo Makale,

Hope you’re doing well!

10rs lunch? 🤔 – Is it? Or am I assuming it wrong?

The board outside created a spark inside my head & the feel of “let’s go to this shop” some day.

So, I decided to give it a shot yesterday while I was on my way to pick up my niece from school.

And I ordered “Tomato rice” as it is one of my favourite dishes & I rarely eat sambar/curd rice outside.

While eating, out of curiosity, I asked about her & the concept behind 10rs lunch.

Her words are as follows,
I have seen many difficulties in my life, which inspired me to come up with this idea.
As a result, many people who previously chose tea over a substantial meal due to financial constraints can now enjoy a proper lunch.

I liked her reasoning & wanted to provide proper feedback on the food if it could help her in any way.

Interaction with the shop-keeper:

Me: Why not try this biriyani-style tomato rice?

She: It won’t come in the range of 10rs.

Me: You can increase the price to 20rs & improve the quality of the food.

She: Everyone has the same question. However, because people here know it as a 10rs shop, a sudden increase in price may have an impact on sales.

Her thoughts surprised me! So I felt compelled to inquire about her studies.

She: I studied until the 10th grade & worked as a tele-caller in the marketing field.

My opinion on Food,

Quantity is less & won’t be enough for many people. However, “eating something” is preferable to an empty stomach.
Because I, too, had the thought that instead of ordering, I could come here and have lunch.

Here, taste is a problem! Below average. I’ve been to the store twice, and the first time I at least completed the meal.

Therefore, in my opinion, because everything cannot fall into place, at least taste could be enhanced to increase client retention.

But hats off to her thought process & starting something like this! 💫

So guys, do let me know in the comments section below 👇 your thoughts/ any such stories.


Varane Avashyamund – a sweet & simple Malayalam movie!

Malayalam movies are our favourite, don’t they?

Why? – it’s so simple, natural & it gives importance to its content first.

“Varane Avashyamund” – “Groom wanted”

Have you ever let a movie play continuously? – as far as I’m aware, we’ve all played music on loop!

I’m watching this movie on loop for the 6th time as I write this blog.

This movie was released in 2020 & i literally fell for the liveliness of the movie, after seeing it.


Set in besant nagar, Chennai, the film, centres on a mother-daughter duo along with the residents of their apartment and how their lives change when a young man (Dulquer Salman) and an older man (Suresh Gopi) in his 50s move in as their neighbours.

✨ Highlights✨

💫 Actresses are the main lead

💫 Tamil dialogues in a Malayalam movie – always loved it.

💫 Deals with things which we see as unconventional.

A loving “Mom” & A Cool/unique “Daughter”

(Kalyani priyadarshan – Shobana)

Despite the distance between them, they love each other.

You feel for them!

When Shobana (single parent) says, I was not always there for her but never made her feel lonely.

And, when Kalyani defends her mother as being efficient enough that she never missed her father.

The movie teaches us,

Divorce | Being a single parent | Falling in love’ at any age | Seeing a psychiatrist

Is normal, dear!

Reasons to fall for this movie,

😊 It’s simplicity, casual dialogues & apt songs/bgm.

👏 Natural performance from everyone.

😯 Couldn’t believe it was the director’s debut film.

👚 Heroine in casual kurtas & night suits with no to minimal make-up.

😎 “Bride” searches for “Groom” on her own.

😸 Neighbours sit together & discuss about TV shows.

🔥 Shobana’s brother makes fun of her previous love/crush stories in a funny way.

♥️ Climax scenes – where people help each other during heavy rains.

I’m glad that i got to watch this feel-good movie & I suggest you guys to see it as well.

Now, you guys tell me your favourite part of this movie in the comments section below 👇

🎥 🍿 is, Available on Netflix

Disclaimer: I’m not sure if everyone will feel the same way I did, but this film definitely deserves our 💕.

Being kind or Being Right?

What would you choose? – kindness or Being right?

This confusion was in my mind too for years!

As in most of my life I always chose kindness as my decision.

I continued to sit and fret over how my life was becoming, though.

But the sadness is obviously not a result of my decision to be nice; rather, it is brought on by my unwillingness to be joyful and my inaction.

And this statement, which I recently came across, illuminated my thoughts.

i.e., Choose “being kind” & that would be always right.

As usual, would love to hear from you all too 👇

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Top YouTube channels – that I follow regularly

Hallo Makale,

Today I’ll be writing about “The YouTube channels” that I follow on regular basis.

Recently, I came across this statement: if you’re using social media more than is necessary, either utilise it for enlightenment or use it as a source of income.

And I hope that everyone would agree with it.

Here are my most favourite YouTube channels that I’ve recently started watching.

Each one is special in its own right. Some for learning, some for peace & some for fun.

1. Maanya arora – for Bhajan

My sister accidentally introduced me to this channel one day by playing the song “Mithe ras se bharyo radha Rani lage,” which made me fall in love with her voice and now I’m exploring her other works.

2. Hussain manimegalai – their atrocities

“Real suryavamsam couple”

Since I began watching the “Cook with Comali” show, I have become a big lover of manimegalai.

The couple’s videos are my current relaxation activity.

My most favourite video of theirs:

3. Sunita express – her loving tamil

Have to thank “CWC” again for having her as a comali.

She is my all-time favourite because of her loving tamil & singing.

Manimegalai & Sunita’s vibe – My god

Hats off to both of their hardwork ✨

Making others smile is equal to God which both of them are doing ♥️

4. Words of wisdom – for enlightenment

I recently got introduced to this channel by YouTube itself ☺️

This channel is about Buddha’s teachings & quotes.

Once u start following their videos you will definitely feel better.

5. Deepak tulsyan – my favourite dance

Dance is my all-time favourite activity.
This channel has videos of basic moves as well as song choreography.

6. Pick up limes – her mesmerizing voice

What can I say about this channel?

I love her mesmerizing voice & the way she carries herself.

Though the main focus is on food receipes, she posts videos of her other interests too.

Their DIY marriage video is my most favourite of her’s:

Thank you for reading 💖 Hope this blog entertained you!

See you all in the next blog! Coming soon….

Do post your favourite channels & why you like it in the comments section below 👇

Hoi, I’m back with a short post!

Hey everyone,

Hope you are all doing well!

Feeling great to be back here but with a short post.

For more than a year, I was unable to post anything 😢 because of a lack of content 🤫😂

So I came up with a plan to share some of my learnings with you all today. 😃

Here i go,

👉 Be happy if you receive anything, and be extremely happy if you’re not.

👉 When you’re hurt – Be calm & surrender yourself to the lord.

Hope it helps 🙂

Be happy! Be kind! #keepsmiling

When you find yourself in a situation where you can’t help yourself, just listen to bhajans.

You will feel much better!

The one I just began to listen to:

Things, that I realized after started writing a Content for brands:

 Try keeping it simple.

 Connect the ones in your hand.

 Ideas can come at anytime. So remember that you always make a note of it.

 You don’t need to over think. It is actually within.

 Read a lot and don’t limit yourself.

 Check on your competitors and also other industries.

 Type related words on Google Search and check for the results to get some idea.

 And last but not least, Experiment! Experiment! Experiment!

One important – “Take inspiration and have your unique style”.

#content #amwriting #Mahrites

5 Things which makes me feel good:

We all have our own style of making our day. Some like wandering around and some like being indoor but will have their list of things to do which keeps them active. Below are the ones I follow to make me happy & to move ahead. I’m sure most of the people will follow it too.

1. Workouts – Either Running, Strength or Yoga, I love my workouts. It gives me strength, both physically and mentally. I feel fresh & active. I’m also happy that I’m giving something for myself. Because of running marathons, I could able to explore more.

Currently I’m trying to master “Headstand”.

2. Music 🎶 – Everybody’s love! Is there anybody in this world who don’t love music? It is my favorite companion of all time especially during my workout sessions! Old songs are my close buddies.

My today’s favorite is “Aise Tum Mile Ho” from kedarnath.

3. My Facepack – ha ha ha! Yes it is. Whether a bought one or home made, it makes my skin feel fresh after all. It is the one of all which is helping me in resolving my skin problems. I love the feeling of being satisfied with my skin.

Brands that I love – “Deyga” & “Mcaffeine”.

4. New Things – whether it is a boring day or bad one, I always prefer to try something new which keeps me motivated. Either it could be some new workouts, courses, cooking, writing, whatsapp/instagram status and many more.

Live eg:

  • Suddenly I started writing instagram posts when I ran out of ideas for my blog.
  • New workouts (yasmin karachiwala videos helping me a lot).
  • Today, I got two topics to write on.

5. Being in Love – The best thing in this world, I would say by keeping it’s side effects aside. I love being loved, protected and the feel of important for someone.

I’m at peace when I do the above ones.

My Story on Marvel Movies:

Abstract: I set a goal of completing all 23 marvel movies by this April. Yes I sound funny! 😁


I directly watched Avengers endgame & I was super impressed, which created an interest in me to complete all the movies that are connected to it.

For the why’s?

Did I complete? Yes on April 19th. I generally don’t watch Hollywood movies. I got to see endgame because of my office outing. Due to my laziness & mood swings it took me months to watch it.

I got impressed by the:

  • Characterization
  • Fight scenes which gave me goosebumps in most of the movies. I still watch endgame’s climax fight on loop.
  • BGM
  • How all the movies are connected & executed nicely. I even saw three movies in a single day.
  • And I never got bored of any.

Characters I loved the most:

Apart from my favorite, I loved watching:

  • Natasha
  • Wanda
  • Ant Man
  • Black panther’s sister
  • Groot
  • Rocket

Final thoughts:

And, one more fan to the cap! Initially, he looked handsome for me even still. But after watching all the other movies I became a fan of his practical & standing up for his beliefs nature.

Eyes Met, They fell for…

Eyes met, he fell! Then, at one point she couldn’t help falling for him.

They would have had no clue that something special was coming their way.

From thereon, everything turned out to be filmy in their life.

Both of them knew well that they were into each other.

It was so difficult for them to take their eyes off of.

And for the first time ever in her life she felt loved, important & protected.

None among the both had a 💭 of speaking except their 👀.

Although it was for a shorter time & wasn’t a happy ending she felt glad for what she had!

The best days which she always wanted & will cherish it forever.

There is a saying that “People come in your life either to stay or to teach a lesson”.

She after realized that he came in her life not to stay but to teach her how exactly love feels? Which she never did!

It didn’t make her fall but inspired! She didn’t hear him of anything but she Knew well what it meant for him…..

All she want only is “his happiness”.


Woo-hoo ♥ Featured!

I actually wrote this on yesterday to be featured in one instagram page as you can see in the image above! I never had a 💭 of writing a story on this topic. But my friend suggested me to try it out and finally it happened😀

Self Quarantine! Self – Isolation! Staying at home! Whatever it could be…. I feel this is the right time for Self – evaluation & improvement.

Well, to start with I didn’t face any psychological issues except for sleep, staying at home till now since I have experience of spending my 1 and half years of life just at home doing nothing😂. At least now I got my office works.

I get up at 9.30/10am and during weekends it will go to even 11/11.30. Don’t think I’m sleeping too much! Ha ha…. Actually, I’m staying awake till 3.30 sometimes. First 3 days it was fine but after that it started showing its true colours. I’m unable to sleep early, could be the reason of continuously staying just indoors.

I either felt like watching a movie or listening to songs. Even yesterday the same thing happened! Was awake till 2am listening my favourites.

I actually felt happy & feeling happy because I’m spending some time for myself. I run a marathon and I use to go to gym. Once my membership got over, I started doing workouts at home. At certain point I couldn’t concentrate on my training runs and fitness because of my laziness/tiredness. So now I got my time.

I’m able to concentrate on both my strength training and runs. In past few days I brought myself back to the form! Started with 15mins of continuous running and now it went up to 30mins. I have some workouts saved on Instagram and Katrina kaif’s videos really helping me a lot. I’m enjoying it. Today also I got my run! Will start at some 5 or 6pm depends on how my work goes.


On work front, it goes well when I learn/do something new and if it is the same thing, I’m actually losing my interest. But what else we can do apart from completing it?

Then I saw Oh baby, Alavaikunthapuramuloo, Maska movies and SHE web series. Maska I really liked it, so relatable. Do watch it guys!

Meanwhile I wrote two blogs also “How I started blogging?” & “Dear Mumbai, missing U a little?”.    

And one fine evening, I really got interested in capturing a beautiful sunset.

One main thing I left! “COOKING” …. It is an important thing, right? I tried making dhaba style Punjabi dal fry (by YouTube video only) and it came out tasty. Then I have a plan of making Kadai panner too. Will do it soon!

So, days are going good obviously a mixture of all good/bad/excitement/sad/tired.

This 21 day of our life will definitely be an eye opener for all of us. At least sometime in the near future I wish companies accept work from home culture as a part. Though I’m not sure how it will work.

So guys till then please #stayathome #stayhappy #stayhealthy